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As you may or may not know, I had the wonderful pleasure of going to Glastonbury 2019 about 2 weekends ago now and had the time of my life. As a huge lover of live music, being able to go from set to set of such great artists was one of the best experiences ever.

In this post, I’m listing my 6 favourite artists that I had the pleasure of going to watch over the weekend. There were hundreds of acts playing all weekend and all together my boyfriend and I went to see around 25. But, this post today is basically my highlights reel from my 3 days at the festival.

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Maggie Rogers

Maggie has to be the first artist on this list seeing as I almost cried happy tears during her set. She has such an open and beautiful presence on stage and seeing her live was kind of unbelievable for me as I’ve loved her and her music for so long.

Her album, Heared it in a Past Life, has basically been on repeat since its release, and so to hear Maggie perform it live was an absolute dream, especially when she performed it as well as she did. Maggie’s way with music has always inspired me and is a big part of why I became a fan. The way she’s so free on stage and enjoys ebvery beat of music is so beautiful to watch too. So, if you haven’t yet listen to Maggie and her music, I thoroughly recommend.

You can read more about my love for Maggie here in a post I wrote two months ago.


Walking over to Stormzy’s set, I vividly remember thinking that I won’t last the full 1.5 hours, just because I only knew about 5 of his songs. But, in saying that, his set was by far the most surprising. I think, because I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as other artists, it actually ended up blowing me away and I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed it.

He was very proud, passionate and political throughout his time on the Pyramid Stage and really used his platform to be able to shoutout up and coming grime artists, pay homage to the artists that paved the way for him and to also celebrate black excellence in the music industry by only having a black ensemble supporting him. This included backing dancers, choirs, and special guests. The only white person that ever came on that stage with him was Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

It was obvious how much thought and love Stormzy had put in to creating and delivering his headlining performance and what really blew me away was how humble and appreciative he was of it all. I will remember this set for a long time to come.


I managed to get front row for Sigrid as, just like Maggie, she was one of the top artists that I really wanted to see live. As soon as she came out you could see the excitement and readiness to enjoy in her face and she absoloutley delivered!

I’ve watched her live sets online before and I think it was that energy that I’d always wanted to experience. Her presence on stage is so fun but still manages to make a genuine connection between her and the crowd, which I think is super important. It was obvious that Sigrid properly loves the music that she’s put out in the world, because if she didn’t, she definitely wouldn’t have put on the show that she did.

Another aspect that I appreciated, that I don’t see very often, was that she brought her backing singer and guitarist down for a song and the musical and emotional connection between them was so wonderful to witness. I really love it when artists appreciate the people around them, whether that’s fans or their band, it makes them so much more than the music they create. You get to see them as a person enjoying what they’re doing rather than your favourite artist, and I can’t wait to be able to see Sigrid live again, whenever that may be!

Dermot Kennedy

I’m not sure if many of you would have heard or know of Dermot Kennedy. He’s an Irish singer songwriter who has one of the best voices I’ve heard in a long time. I went to his set knowing all of 2 songs and went to get away from the boiling sun, as he was playing in one of the tents. But as soon as he came on stage and started to sing, he genuinely made my choice of going to see him extremely worth while.

I hadn’t heard many of these songs until he sung them on that stage, and after every song finished I turned to my boyfriend and was constantly complementing his voice and music abilities. And what’s really nice is that he doesn’t loose his Irish accent whenever he sings.

He is a star in the making and I’m sure we will all be bowing down to his beautiful voice in the near future.

The Killers

What. A. Show.

The Killers were by far the most entertaining act of the festival. Brandon Flowers is one of the geatsest front men that I have ever had the privalidge to see live. He gave everything he had into this set and that was clear to see. His face radiated happiness and positivity and definitely spread into the massive crowd that was watching him.

Along with that, The Killers as a band absolutely smashed it and Ronnie Vannucci (Drummer) was a beast behing the drums. I remember my boyfriend constantly shouting in awe of how good he was.

But, what really made it for me was being stood in one of the biggest crowds I’d ever been a part of, singing some of the most iconic songs from my childhood! I feel like the memory of screaming “Mr Brightside” and “Human” with tens of thousands of people will always be as vivid as the moment I witnessed it.

Christine and the Queens

I am absolutely in love with Chris. Her set was incredible. She had honestly produced what felt like a mini West End production. Her choreography beautifully complemented her music, and I’m pretty sure she had the whole crowd mesmerised from the start.

She has such versatility in her songs that the crowd would be dancing around one minute and holding onto each other with love the next. She has a very powerful presence and I think that that’s down to how happy and content she is within her self and her self-expression. I found her extremely empowering to watch. It really inspired me seeing a woman so happy whilst being so non-conforming to what a stereotypical woman should be. Chris really is amazing.

And what was even better was that she, just like Stormzy, used her platform and presence to educate and inform all whilst having the time of her life. I remember as soon as her second song finished playing she silenced the crowd just so she could say something along the lines of “this space here, that we’re in right now, is a safe place. A happy place. A place where we can all be free” and it genuinely resonated with me so much. It was truly the most powerful moment I have ever witnessed at a live show.

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this post and let it maybe spark an interest to go to Glastonbury in future years! The variety and scale of the live music available is like nowhere else in the world and to experience that is so cool!

I also just wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me. I have had time off for a while now but only because I have been away and celebrating, which is why the Glastonbury post is going up about 2 weeks after I actually went.

I’m hoping to get my next and final Glastonbury post up this weekend, and it’s all about my Glastonbury fashion! What I wore, by who, and how much it all cost. I will hopefully see you all again then.

Thanks again for reading,

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