5 Best Animated Shows on Netflix RIGHT NOW | Guest Post by Soph.Creates

Today I have the wonderful pleasure of introducing you to a fellow blogger and friend, Soph.Creates. We started chatting about writing guest posts for each other and we both landed on a topic that we each enjoyed, and from that came this wonderful piece by Soph.

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So, without further ado, I am proud to present Soph’s guest post, the 5 Best Animated Shows on Netflix RIGHT NOW.

Hello! I’m Soph from a little blog just down the internet from here. Today Niamh has been an absolute gem and let me come and talk your ears off about my favourite animated shows on Netflix RIGHT NOW! There are so many wonderful animated worlds you can get lost in that prove that animation is not just for kids. From feminist birds to sex positive teens, let’s get into the best animated shows you should watch.

1. Tuca and Bertie

I cannot begin to explain how sex positive, female empowering, and plain old fun this show is! Created by Lisa Hannawalt, creator of Bojack Horseman, Tuca and Bertie follows the story of two 30 year old female bird roommates just trying to make it in the big city. Tuca is a loud and unashamedly carefree Toucan and her best friend Bertie is an anxious and romantic songbird. Together they navigate everyday sexism, keeping your sex life fresh when you’re in a long term relationship, and navigating the world of being an adult and trying to figure it all out. If you need a show to watch with your best friends while drinking rosé and complaining about the patriarchy, this is the show for you.

2. The Dragon Prince

Moving into the realm of dragons and magic and all things fantasy, The Dragon Prince is my next big recommendation. The creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender are back with a new show featuring dragons, magic, and a whole lot of heart. This story follows two human princes, Callum and Ezran, and their elf assassin friend, Rayla, on a journey to the magical lands of Xadia to return a stolen dragon egg. In classic fantasy style, there is a war between the human kingdoms and the magical kingdoms and these three unlikely friends are trying to end the war by returning the egg. If you’re into fantasy, magical worlds, and excellently placed references to pop culture – this is a great show, especially if you enjoyed Avatar!

3. Big Mouth

Back in the world of sex positivity and “fuck the patriarchy” type of content, let me present to you, Big Mouth. Going through puberty flat out SUCKS and this show highlights all of those horrible memories from our tween and early teen days. From cumming in your pants to getting your period in white shorts, this show tackles it all. Some of my favourite episodes involve what it’s like to get your first period and an episode that takes place at a house party and talks about “head-pushers” (you’ll understand when you watch), as they are truly reminiscent of what it’s like to go through puberty! Human characters aside, the best characters, in my humble opinion, have to be the two hormone monsters Maury and Connie. They embody the invasive thoughts of pubescent minds and really give the show it’s charming and not cringey vibe. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, and the main characters, Andrew, Nick, Jessi, and Jay, are voiced by some of Hollywood’s best comedians. If you’re looking to laugh through the shared memories we all have of growing up, I can’t recommend Big Mouth enough.

4. Cupcake and Dino: General Services

Cupcake and Dino is probably the most childlike show on this list but it is so wholesome, light, and fun, I had to include it! This show follows two brothers, Cupcake and Dino, in doing general services for their community in Big City. It’s structured like some of the best Saturday morning cartoons of the 90’s, with each episode being two 10 minute episodes following an adventure. Cup and Dino’s adventures range from becoming hairdressers for a day to being detectives the next! Their world is so colourful and fun without being overly childish and the jokes really feel like they’re being written for older children or adults. This is one of those shows that I honestly just put on when I’m having a bad day and need to laugh and destress. It really helps me to remember that everyday life is fun and that I don’t need to take everything so seriously. If you need a TV show to help pick you up after a long day, this is a definite winner.

5. She Ra and the Princesses of Power

Last and certainly not least, is She Ra and the Princesses of Power! Another fantastical adventure with magic included. She Ra and the Princesses of Power follows the story of Adora, Glimmer, and Bow in their quest to save Etheria from the evil Horde. This reboot of the 1980’s classic is an awesome adventure with an amazingly diverse range of female characters and a gripping story, with small pockets of childlike fun. Even though this show leans a little more on the childish side, watching a diverse cast of young women kicking-butt is fun for any age!

All of these shows hold a special place in my heart and as a lifelong animation lover, I’m so glad that animated shows these days are becoming more diverse, inclusive, and arguably more adult, while still retaining the lighthearted fun of Saturday morning cartoons. I hope that one of these shows piques your interest enough to give it a shot because I can assure you it is so worth the time. Let us know in the comments if you have any particular favourite animated shows as I’m always looking for new ones to watch!

Otherwise, that’s all from me. If you enjoyed my ramblings about my favourite shows, you can find me chatting about all sorts of things across the internet from my own blog, soph.creates, to Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. Thanks again to Niamh for having me on her blog today and thank YOU for reading.

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Hey! I’m Soph from soph.creates. I’m a half Indian, half German lifestyle blogger from Hong Kong. I currently live in London with my boyfriend, George, and our cat, Luna. My blog is a little bit of everything from travel to recipes to good old fashioned personal stories of growth, love, and how to be a fully functioning adult. You can follow me along on all my adventures here.

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