Maggie Rogers: Artist of the Month | May 2019

It’s the final day of May, which means it’s time for another Artist of the Month and as you can see from the title, I’ve chosen Maggie Rogers as this month’s artist. She’s an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame after a video of Pharrell Williams listening to her song, ‘Alaska’, went viral. But, I’m very positive that this video will not define her for much longer.

Maggie’s music is very art pop/folk pop and is a genre that’s quite new for me. I really believe that this is a good thing seeing as I have no-one to compare her with, and with the number of artists around nowadays, it’s definitely a talent to be so unique sounding. I feel like her music can adapt to whatever mood you’re in, and I think that’s how she’s become such a firm favourite so quickly.

It was January this year when she released her debut solo album “Heard it in a Past Life” from her own record label, Debay Sounds. This album is all about change and the transitions in life that you need to go through in order to grow and become who you’re meant to be. The record also consists of honest, empowering songs about heartbreak, falling hopelessly in love and discovering your own self worth.

Just like the other artists I’ve included in this series, Maggie is a recent find of mine. I was watching Camila Mendes’ (From Netflix’s Riverdale – who also stars in Maggie’s music video for “Give A Little”) instagram story from her time in Coachella and really loved the sound of an artist she was watching there. Tagged was Maggie Rogers. I jumped on Spotify straight away and have clearly loved her ever since.

It was watching these festival sets and live tv performances online that made me realise that Maggie was an artist that I was going to love for a while to come. To see the way her and her body react to the music really is something that I love witnessing. In my eyes, I feel like seeing her enjoy the music as much as she does makes me enjoy it even more. It’s like you’re both in this musical trance together. I know it sounds a bit bizarre, but having an artist you love really commit to her music, as much as you do as a fan, really makes the experience of the music a whole lot better.

Personally, she really has inspired me with the way she feels about music as a whole and how she’s had soul-changing experiences with it too. It’s so wonderful to hear someone talk so passionately, honestly and truthfully about the way music makes them feel, and hearing that, and the rest of her story, really makes me connect with her music on a whole other level than I have with any other artist.

She’s an artist whose music can immerse you from the first song. Her heavenly lyrics along with her dreamy voice and harmonies are all that she needs to keep you within her musical grasp.

So, if you’re in need of a new artist that’s going to inspire you, make you cry and get you up dancing all at the same time, then Maggie is you’re next new favourite.

Thank you again for reading the blog and leave any artist you think I should listen to in the comments below.

Until next time,

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