New Music Monday: Singles | Lewis Capaldi, Shawn Mendes, Stormzy

Recently, I’ve realised that there has been some new music floating about and that artists have been promoting release dates for their new music too. For this post, I thought I’d collect a couple of songs that are new(ish), nether them together and write a little about what I think about them.

I’ve been really enjoying music at the minute, whether I’m listening, creating or writing about it and thought that I should keep this energy flowing by finding some new sings to write about. All of the artists included are artists the I personally already listen to, but even if one of you reading this discovers a new artist to enjoy, then that will be my day made!


Shawn Mendes – If I Can’t Have You

I love Shawn Mendes. His musical creativity is just getting better and better with age and I’d even say that his recent album is my favourite so far. This new single is no different from his cool, clean cut pop tracks and by now, he’s basically a veteran at releasing chart topping hits!

If you’re fancying a sing-a-long in the car or a tune to get ready to before a night out, then chuck this song on your speakers and it’ll have you dancing in your mirror in no time. But be weary, there are a few high notes that you may need to prepare for!

Released: 03 May 2019

Stormzy – Vossi Bop

After the massive success of Gang Signs and Prayers, the anticipation for Stormzy’s new music has been huge – especially in the UK. With this latest track being an actual bop, I’m certain that his musical success will just pick up from where it last left off.

It actually surprised me by how much I like Vossi Bop as it took me a while to get into Stormzy as an artist. But I feel with his music that once you’re into it, you’re into it for life.

Released: 26 April 2019

Bastille – Joy

I am so so happy that Bastille are releasing some new music as you can never have enough Bastille music in your life.

As a band, they’re prone to upbeat, summer tunes and Joy is no different. I think I’m even more excited this year for some new Bastille releases because I get to see them in Glastonbury in the summer, alongside Stormzy of course. I love the feel of this song and hope that the rest that are to follow have the similar get-you-on-your-feet-dancing feeling too!

Released: 02 May 2019

SZA, The Weekend & Travis Scott – Power is Power

Obviously I had to include a little something Game of Thrones related in my posts (I hope you don’t mind)!

I have loved this song since it’s come out. The GoT references are amazing and the song really captures the mood of the story arc in the actual series. I also really love the contrast between how modern this song is and the period/fanstasy drama that Game of Thrones is set in.

I think all 3 artists’ vibes work really well together on the track and it’s a great, powerful song to end the season on. The whole album, For The Throne, is a wonderful tribute to compliment the final series as well.

Released: 18 April 2019

Lewis Capaldi – Hold Me While You Wait

Lewis Capaldi’s latest single is no different to the other heart-wrenching songs. I feel as though that this will inevitably be the theme of this album and I’m really not complaining about having an album that will make me cry uncontrollably from the start until the final note, because I know that each song will be just as beautiful as the rest. I’ve already pre-ordered Lewis’ album , Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, as I know I will be listening to his insanely talented voice on repeat.

Released: 03 May 2019

Thank you once again for reading my post and checking out my blog, and as always, it’s very much appreciated!

Let me know in the comments below if there are any new tracks that you’re loving and I’ll definitely go and check them out!

Until next time,

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