Artist of the Month: Billie Eilish | April 2019

Some artists defy descriptions. Or, at least, their inspirations, methods and expressions are often so astounding, it’s futile to try and label what they actually sound like.

Smith, T. (2019). Billie Eilish – ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ review.

With her new album “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” released on the 29th of March, I’ve had a month to be able to try and find the words to describe Billie and her music. And in short, it’s been hard.

Having released a few tracks sparingly and a 7-track-long EP over the last 3 years, Billie Eilish definitely started to make herself known, even if it was just by name and bold sense of style. She’s one of the most talked about teens of our time and with over 15M followers on Instagram, someone, somewhere is bound to have something to say about her.

Billie Eilish (Image Link)

Regardless of all of that, I’m here to talk about her recent rise to popstar royalty. Billie’s debut is one of the biggest sellers of 2019 and has such a unique sound and character about it that you can tell that there are producers and music-makers out there already trying to replicate it.

What I love most about “When We Fall Asleep…” is that there are little droplets of a 17-year-old keeping it so young and fresh and new, but at the same time is being masked by some kind of musical genius and a disturbing streak that we’re all in awe of. There is also this feeling of the record being quite rough edged and raw, and I only mean this in a good way, as Billie’s lyrics are very much a voice of a generation and she’s not afraid to speak her mind and to talk about some real hard hitting topics.

The one thing I would urge you to not do is to try and put a label on Billie and her music or to somehow put her in a category with other artists because firstly, you’re going to have a job and a half trying to figure out where it belongs and secondly, because if you do, then you’ll ruin the music for yourself.

The best way to enjoy Billie’s music, in my opinion, is to just take it as it is because you never really know what the next song is going to throw at you. It could be overrun by authentic lyrics, or a bass heavy banger that will blow your speakers, or even one of the most delicate songs you have ever heard.

Her range of creativity is astounding and to make every song her own is even more captivating. Her voice is one of the most disturbingly gentle voices I’ve heard and to have it intertwine so effortlessly with the heavy beats throughout the songs and album is one hell of a skill.


If you already know of Billie but not yet listened to her music, I pray you give her a chance. I urge you to make up your own mind about the music and decide for yourself. You might love her or you might not, but just remember you’re listening to the work of a 17-year-old and her older brother and, honestly, that should be enough to kind of blow you away.

Thank you for reading and apologies that it’s taken a bit of time to get a new post up. Also, let me know in the comments what you think about Billie Eilish and her music!

Until next time,

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