Artist of the Month: Sam Fender | March 2019

Artist of the Month is a little series I thought I’d start for this year. For those of you who don’t know, my blog started as a music blog and since introducing new themes, I’ve been meaning to create something that will help me continue with those roots.

This series would give me the opportunity to be able to share my favourite music artists and share some of their work with you. This would then guarantee at least one music inspired post approximately every 4 weeks.


As this is the first post in the series, I decided to share and artist who I’m kind of obsessed with at the moment. I’d first heard of him when he was supporting at a gig that I went to at the end of last year, and since then, he’s been popping up everywhere.

And so, for the month of March, my Artist of the month is Sam Fender, a 24 year-old from North Shields, England.

Sam creates Indie/Alternative/Rock music and was this years Critics Choice Award Winner at the Brit Awards.


It’s since then that I’ve been aware of him and it turns out that his music is actually really good! Plus, as someone who loves alternative/indie music, he was literally a perfect find.

He’s not yet released a full length album but you can find his EPs and singles online. Although, looking at his Instagram, they’re currently mixing the anticipated first album so it might not be too long until it’s release, and my excitement for it’s already brewing!

But, what I’ve really enjoyed about listening to Sam Fender are the covers that he’s previously done. Even though there are only two of them, I genuinely adore them both.

The first of which is a cover of Avicii’s Waiting For Love which he covered at the RAK Studios in London, and the other is Break Up With You Girlfriend which is originally performed by Ariana Grande. He performed this at his Radio 1 Live Lounge debut and you can find videos of both on YouTube.

It’s just great to see an artist turn two completely different songs into their own while keeping that same sound and vibe that they’re known for.

But other than this, I’m hoping to be able to catch his set at Glastonbury in June, and if not, then I’ll definitely be buying a ticket to his debut album tour.

If you’re into this kind of music then I would definitely recommend checking him and his music out because all of his released songs are amazing!

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed the first post in this series and I will get started on the many that are to come in the coming weeks!

Please suggest any artists that you’d like me to listen to in the comments, and they could be featured in future posts.

Thank you always,

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