5 Things To Do During a Mini London Trip

Last week, My boyfriend and I took a little trip to London. We only stayed for 2 nights but managed to do quite a lot in that time! It’s a huge city with so much to offer and I thought I’d share a post on 5 things that you should do during your stay, no matter how mini or non-mini it is.


Go to a Play / Show / Gig

The reason we planned this trip was because my other half managed to get tickets to go and see Post Malone at the O2 Arena, and I have to say I was blown away by his performance.

I’ve been to quite a few gigs in London and the venues have always been so good. And this is the same whether you’re into live music, comedy, theatre, opera and even ballet. London has such a wonderful array of venues that hold various evenings, I’m sure you could find something that you will enjoy.

Travel via the Underground

I know this is a strange, but I find travelling on the underground is so much fun once you get used to it. You can reach just about anywhere in London using it and the pricing isn’t actually that expensive. All you need is Apple or Google Pay on your phone/a contactless card or an Oyster card that you can buy from the station, and you’re on your way.

If it’s your first time using the service then I would recommend downloading the CityMapper app for your phone just to make sure you don’t get lost!

Visit Landmarks

I know that some people don’t like to be super touristy but London has so many wonderful sights to see. Even if you’re short on money, you can visit Galleries, Museums and famous Landmarks for free and witness some truly stunning features, like original Van Gough paintings that I saw for the first time last week!

We also went to visit Downing St and Parliament and during this time we walked straight into a peacful protest about our climate change and environment. This is just proof that you never know what you might find here.

Eat Out Often

London has such a variety of restaurants that every meal of the day will probably be amazing. What’s great is that you could have some simple street food one day and a top-class sit down meal the next and they’ll be just as good as each other. And with so many cultures intertwining with each other, you’re guaranteed to find something that you’ve never tasted before!

I’d recommend looking around online to see what’s around you because you could miss a wonderful little spot to grab your next bite!

Plan Everything

With London being such a busy city, tourist and business wise, it’s definitely easier to plan everything that you’d like to do. There are things to remember like if you go out during the week to miss travelling in rush hour because then you’ll regret taking the underground like I suggested, or if you go during holidays then it’s probably going to just be generally more busy.

Planning just makes it easier to know where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what you’d like to see before the day is up. But if planning isn’t for you, then just flow with it and see where the days take you!

Thank you for reading my latest post! If you have any suggestions on where in London I should visit next, let me know in the comments!

Published by Niamh R Blogs

21 year old Journalism and Media graduate from Cardiff University. I enjoy writing and is the reason I started this blog, to write about everything that I love without limits. Enjoy. Twitter: @niamhrblogs Insta: @niamh.reese

2 thoughts on “5 Things To Do During a Mini London Trip

  1. I was lucky enough to work on a project in London, so traveled there six times in a single year…got to do so many things and your list is terrific – with “planning ahead” key to maximize the fun!

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