Review: Captain Marvel

Hey Guys,

On Monday, I finally went to see the latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel. Since watching Avengers: Infinity War, I’ve been counting down the days until this film was released and reading all of the theories to try and figure out what exactly is going to happen in Endgame and what Carol Danvers’ role will be in that.

** Spoilers Ahead **

With this being the final origin movie, and the only female-led one, I was really excited to be able to fully immerse myself into Danvers’ world and enjoy her story before she gets thrown in with the rest of the Avengers. Having this female lead is super inspiring for all of us women in the MCU, because even though we have had some truly amazing female characters, none previously have been the main protagonist, and it’s that that I was ready to experience.

And the fact that she’s been labelled one of “Marvel’s Mightiest Avengers” is just the cherry on top of this wonderful MCU cake.

From the beginning, one of my favourite aspects of the film was the 90s aesthetic that runs throughout it. It’s similar to the 80s vibe you get in Guardian’s but a lot more present. This happened mainly because Captain Marvel is actually set in the 90s, compared to Guardian’s where the 80s vibe comes mainly from the soundtrack.

There’s some lovely iconography and ideas that have been brought into this to make sure that this 90s theme in unmissable during the film, from Captain Marvel crashing into a Blockbusters store, the pinball machine on Mar – Vell’s lab and the little tin lunchbox that the tesseract is contained in. All of this adds to the hair, makeup and costumes that are also so symbolic of the decade too.

This isn’t just an origin film for a superhero. We’re also witnessing the time that crucial partnerships in the Marvel Universe were made. By this, I mean Nick Fury and Greg Coulson. Their partnership and friendship is one of the strongest in allthe films and we see the fruition of that throughout this particular story.

And it’s not just Fury’s friendship with Coulson that we see develop, but his relationship with his first ‘hero’, Captain Marvel. We see how much they respect and ultimately need each other by how they make sure they always have a way to contact each other, and how when we see Fury use this device for what we think is the first time in Infinity War, Danvers returns after all of those years away from him. 

What I love most about this film is that this isn’t a superhero film where the protagonist gains superpowers, because when the film starts Captain Marvel is already super and instead has to remember her roots. Comparing this storyline to other superhero film, this film is actually a little bit backwards, or back to front.

For me, this actually worked because we already see that Captain Marvel is different to others but that her superiors are making her suppress her powers instead of letting her and teaching her how to control them. By the end of this film we see how much freer Danver is which excites the audience about everything that she’ll bring in future films.

But like I said earlier, this isn’t about her becoming a superhero, it’s about her remembering who she is as a person and finding her family after 6 years away from them. This arc in itself will resonate with the audience with this idea of self discovery. You can’t move on and be the best version of yourself unless you remember and acknowledge where you came from. 

After speaking about all of this, obviously I wonder how this storyline will thread its way into the final film of this phase, and this immense, 10 year arc. Danvers’ powers came from an infinity stone, and that has to play a part. Also, I wonder if Mar-Vell’s blueprints for the light-speed energy source she built might come into Endgame, after all it is described as something that could “end all wars”. 

Please let me know in the comments what you thought of the film and if you have any theories about what will happen in Endgame. Aswell as that, link me any post or articles you think are worth a read so I can do some more nerding out over it! 

Thanks again for reading!

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