International Women’s Day 2019

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So tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women’s Day 2019 (IWD). A day to celebrate women as the beautiful, strong, proud creatures that we are and the progress we’ve made since the first International Women’s Day in 1911.

This years campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter. A theme that is showing that all we would like is equality and balance in every aspect of our lives because “the better the balance, then better the world”.

The balance that is trying to be achieved is important for economies and communities to thrive and a collective and unified action would benefit what is trying to be achieved.

This means that this campaign is not all about women. Balance is about men understanding and creating change with us. This day is trying to create an emphasis on the action needed to accelerate gender balance, and one way of doing this is by getting our male friends, family, colleagues and counterparts to take part and acknowledge all of what we’re trying to do and join in.

But what I find great about this celebration is that it isn’t just a local or national campaign, it’s worldwide. To think that women around the world are driving for this balance just proves that the initial picture is so much bigger than what we ever imagined. Each individual has their own reason for achieving the balance whether that’s in a social, economic, cultural or political realm. The reasons will continue until this balance is achieved.

It’s also amazing to see so many events happening around the world and that people are really taking in and making a moment out of this celebration.

As a woman living in Wales, here is a list of events taking place in my little country this year. All links are provided for you to be able to register to attend straight away!


Extraordinary Women Talking – March 8 2019


It’s About Time Summit – March 8th 2019

UNISON: Balance For Better – March 8th 2019

Celebrate at Wenvoe Castle – March 8th 2019


IWD Action for Change – 23rd of March 2019

If you’d like to attend an IWD 2019 event, you can see if one is being held close to you here.

Another way to take part is to post a picture showing the #BalanceforBetter pose and by doing that showing your support for the campaign and the day itself!

Thanks so much for reading this post! It was such a wonderful post to write and to acknowledge this empowering day.

Remember, although International Women’s Day is celebrated on this day annually, the campaign and search for balance will continue to be reinforced all year!

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