The Best Christmas Ever

So as this is my last post before CHRISTMAS DAY I thought I’d share with you my favourite Christmas ever. I really hope you enjoy this story as I’ve loved sharing it with you.

December 2004.

This was the year that all of my childhood Christmas dreams came true.

I was a 7-year-old and on my way to the most magical place that I had ever experienced…


This was the North Pole, Father Christmas’ home, and I was allowed to go there.

I will never forget this holiday. The memories I have are still as clear as the day I made them, and everything we did throughout the holiday was absolutely amazing. The whole holiday, from the build-up to Christmas to the day itself, was just as good as each other. There was so much to do there like tobogganing, skiing, visiting the little villages surrounding us and every day, the family hotel that we stayed in always had something different for us to do.

I remember there was one day, I’m not sure if it was Christmas or not, but we actually got to visit Santa in, what we believed to be, his actual house. This house was tucked away in a forest and you could only get there by getting into a sleigh and letting his “own personal Reindeers” pull you.

His house was so homely. The fire was lit, his boots were off and tucked under his big red coat that was hung by the door. I remember that he just seemed so content and happy to be where he was. As a child, this was all I needed to really believe that Santa was real. But as an adult, I appreciate everything that they did to make the experience so magical and unforgettable.

I’d say, apart from the whole Santa experience, some of the best highlights of the holiday seem to all include animals. One of the most memorable moments was a sleigh ride, where you hopped into a sleigh full of warm and cosy blankets and pillows which was then pulled by two reindeers, which are some of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen, and without a guide, they’d pulled us through this magical frozen forest. I don’t think I could make this up even if my 7-year-old memory wanted too, it was absolutely stunning. I remember the light snowfall falling on my bright red face and caressing the reindeers after I got off, telling them both how thankful I was for their service.

We also had the chance to do the same sort of thing but with huskies. As families, we were allowed to meet a few of the Huskies before they pulled us along. The idea of us all being pulled by about 10 huskies made me a bit nervous because I thought that we would be hurting them, but the Ranger looking after us reassured me that this is what they’ve trained for and even let me sit with one before setting off.

After calming down a bit, I just sat back and enjoyed the wonderful ride. And as my Mum reminded me,  I apparently made sure I went around each dog at the end petting it and letting it know how much of a good dog they were with the Ranger.

And just like the reindeers, they also stole my heart.

Christmas day itself was so nice too because we got to spend the morning with family and friends and then went down for a Christmas dinner. After spending a few hours with presents that Mum and Dad had brought over for us to open, we all just went back out into the snow and enjoyed the rest of the day in the Winter Wonderland that surrounded us all.

The idea of a white Christmas was always so lovely but never actually possible as we live in Wales, and so to be able to actually live it was a dream come true. As we were staying in Finland it was always glistening and covered in snow, and I would go back there and experience it all again in a heartbeat.

It was after experiencing all of this that I fell in love not just Christmas, but with everything else that surrounds it, and that’s why this particular Christmas was the Best Christmas Ever.

I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas!

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