A Gift Guide For Bloggers

I thought this would be a fun little gift guide to do seeing as I found it hard to focus on a gift guide for either gender. Putting a more detailed label on this guide made it a lot easier for me to look for things to include.

All of the items included in this post are from ASOS – I could honestly spend all of my money on that site! As soon as I went scrolling through their gift ideas, there were too many for me to include so I decided I’d make the gift guide all about them.

The links and images for each item will be linked below.

Phone Camera Accessories

I know a lot of us use our phone camera to take a lot of the pictures that we need for our blogs and Instagram, so I thought to look for some cute accessories that would help us with that.

Fizz Selfie Wide Angle Lens: I know I’ve personally needed this a few times. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect selfie spot and not being able to fit everything in, so I know we’d all get good use out of this little gadget.

Fizz Clip On Selfie Light: Ever looked bomb in a low light situation or wanted to take an impromptu night out selfie? If only we had this little accessory tucked away in our bags, what a lifesaver it would be.

Thumbs Up Lazy Arm For Smart Phones: When I came across this item, I wasn’t 100% sure what it was for but the one idea that came to mind was “what if I didn’t have my boyfriend on hand to take an outfit photo?”. It was after this that I didn’t actually care what this product was meant for, just that I could use it to solve that problem.

Fairy Lights

Are you even a blogger if you don’t own a set of fairy lights?

Typo Twinkle Lights Gold Bulbs: I thought these little tiny lights would look good as a decorative piece in an Instagram photo! They also look amazing the way that ASOS have styled them too!

Fizz Pretty Flower Fairy Lights: I feel like these would look super pretty across a headboard or over a set of drawers or a cupboard. A really nice way to get your room looking cosy.

Fizz Panda String Lights: HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! I saw them and I just had to include them in this! A perfect gift for any animal lover.


Books are so important, whether they’re a way of relaxation or a way of learning something new and ASOS have so many to choose from!

The Little Book of Happiness: I feel as though blogging can become quite overwhelming and can sometimes get you down, but having a book like this could ease the pressure off a little. You could also use these quotes as little inspirational messages on your Instagram story or Pinterest – just remember to quote who said them!

You Do You Motivational Book By Sarah Knight:  Sarah Knight’s books have become very popular within the community. She’s all about self-love and self-improvement, so if you’re ever in need of a little encouragement, please go and check her out.

Happy Cats Photos of Felines Feeling Fab: It’s a book full of smiling cats. What more could you want?

A Notebook / Journal / Diary

We all need somewhere to write down blog post ideas and to keep track of which post we’re posting and when, so to have a place to jot all of that down is really handy for a blogger.

Typo Mermaid Marble Buffalo Journal:  The colours on this journals are so pretty and mermaid vibes have been a big trend this year, so why not add to the collection and have a mermaid themed journal too?

Bando 2018-19 13 Month Planner Garden Party:  I adore the vibrant floral patterns on this planner and it’s such a lovely place to keep track of your year ahead!

Typo Dino A5 Journal: I love dinosaurs, so finding this journal was literally perfect for me. I’m pretty sure I’d use it every day!


This may just be me, but I love mirrors and how lovely they can look like part of a room’s decor. ASOS have a lovely range of mirrors right now so here are some of the favourites that I’ve found.

Umbra Pack of 3 Rose Hold Diamond Mirrors: This is such a cool idea for a set of mirrors. Instead of hanging your mirror on a nail, the mirrors hang from their own chain. I think this would look so much nicer if you prefer subtle features in a bedroom instead of buying a mirror with a big bold frame around it.

Chickidee Gold Geo Desk Mirror: I feel like having a desk mirror wouldn’t be the best idea seeing as I’d just end up fixing my hair and makeup instead of doing work, but I love the geometry feel of this particular one and just had to add it to this gift guide.

Sass Belle Gold Sun Mirror:  As a statement or centrepiece of a room, this would look amazing. It brings in a light energy to the room and it would be a lovely item to fill in some wall space. Who doesn’t like to wake up to a little bit of sunshine every morning?

Extra Pieces

Here are just a few extra little things that I think us, as bloggers, would enjoy and appreciate!

Fizz Pink Square Pegboard:  I’ve seen so many using the light up message boards recently but I feel like the pegboards look so much nicer, especially as a display piece on a wall. The pink just adds  a bit of colour too which I really like!

Sass Belle Concrete and Gold Planter:  As someone who loves having plants in her bedroom, I really liked this contrasting little pot. It’s going straight in my basket.

Typo Breeze Incense Gift Set: I thought this was such a good alternative idea to a candle. I’ve used incense before and I’ve really liked them, and when you can buy such sweet designs like this cactus one, why would you not want one sitting about in your room?

Let me know if there’s anything else you find on ASOS that I should’ve added to the post by linking it in the comments below.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the post and I’ve given you a few ideas for Christmas if you’ve not yet finished you’re shopping!

Thanks again for reading, and I’ll be back with another post soon X

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