Festive Fragrances: The Nicest Perfumes I’ve Received​ at Christmas

This post is about the 3 perfumes that I’ve fallen in love with since receiving them as Christmas presents over the years.

One of the main gifting ideas for family and friends to get for a young woman are things like perfumes and candles. Over recent years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had 3 wonderful perfumes bought for me that I still wear now.

So on to number 1…

1. Boss Femme Eau De Parfum – Hugo Boss 

This is my recent favourite of the 3. It was gifted this by my mum last year and I absolutely love it. It’s my go-to smell for nights out and special events, and I feel like because it’s my favourite, I don’t want to waste it and so I only use it once in a while to make myself feel really nice.

The bottle is super simple and modern looking and I love how the subtle pink perfume shines through the clear glass. It’s such a lovely perfume and by far my favourite over the last couple of months.

Here’s how the scent is described by The Perfume Shop:

“Femme by BOSS exudes an aura of captivating femininity. The subtle, lingering warmth of the fragrance is sublimely sophisticated and modern. An enticing experience and the most liberatingly feminine fragrance from BOSS. Femme by BOSS is harmony in a bottle; a scent metaphor for modern femininity.”

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 12.22.30

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 12.21.482. Cashmere Eau De Parfum – NEXT 

This perfume is the cheapest of the 3, but you would never guess it based on its design and the beautiful scent that it holds.

This is one of NEXT’s own brand perfumes, so I’m pretty sure you can only buy it from them, and it’s just so nice. I like to use this perfume for everyday use of just popping to the shops or going to visit family. It’s a lovely feminine scent that I’d feel bare without. And because it’s so cheap (only £14 a bottle) I don’t mind wearing it as often as I do.

I think what I like most about this perfume is that it has this classic feel to it, especially with the design of the bottle. I feel as though it’s one of those perfumes that could sit on my shelf and look timeless and to me, the bottle is just as important as what it holds.

NEXT has described their product as

“Luxurious and soft. A soft and sensuous fragrance combining beautiful florals and delicate powdery musks.” 


Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 12.23.08

3. Babe Power Eau De Parfum – Missguided 

When I saw that Missguided were releasing a fragrance back in 2017, and saw how much hype there was surrounding it, I knew I had to try it. So, I mentioned it to my boyfriend and surprisingly enough to me, he actually listened and took note of what I said.

That Christmas I unwrapped it with the rest of the gifts he’d bought for me and I was genuinely surprised that he’d remembered. But I got nervous and thought that this could be one of the perfumes that just collected dust and that I’d be left disappointed.

Instead, the complete opposite happened. I loved its scent and how its bottle was a cute rose gold can, and now it’s a firm favourite and one of my most used perfumes. I like to wear it to work as it has quite a fresh scent and I feel as though the scent sticks to clothes a lot more, so when I’m running about I know that its hint is still there, even after a few hours.

The Perfume Shop said that this perfume is “designed to evoke a feeling of strength, confidence and femininity”.

Any and all of these perfumes would be great gift ideas for girlfriends, best friends, cousins, nieces and anyone else you could think of that may enjoy them. They’re all wonderfully light scents and I’d be surprised if anyone disliked them.

I’m pretty sure that you’d be able to find gift sets for each perfume too which is a bonus with Christmas coming up.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite perfumes are.

Thank you for reading,

Love you all X

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