REVIEW: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Seeing as I’ve just finished binge-watching the show and it’s turned into my new obsession, I thought this was a good way for me to exhale all the feelings that I have for this new Sabrina reboot.

I’d never really watched the 90s Sabrina, so I came into this without a single judgment towards the teen character as I had nothing to compare it to. I know a lot of people were saying that this Sabrina was way different and a lot darker from the 90s Sabrina, but whether that’s good or bad I wouldn’t know.

What I do know is that this reboot/adaptation is very, very good.

I enjoyed a lot of different things whilst watching the show, and that’s what I’m here to talk about today.

Positive Young Energy

The first thing I noticed was how the ‘teen’ characters, who I would class as Sabrina and her friends from both the human and witch worlds, are treated and how maturely they act. I find this rather refreshing to see, seeing as most of the time 16-year-olds are stereotyped to only care about materialistic things, but these Sabrina characters have to deal with a whole lot more than the average teenager.

We see them having to deal with and make big decisions regarding rather dark themes like death and sacrifice. The way they conduct themselves shows that young adults can be strong and level-headed and removes some of the stereotype surrounding the people of that age.

Good examples of this are when Sabrina defies the witching tradition and rejects her dark baptism, when Rosalind protested over the variety of books in their school library, and again when Sabrina tries to convince Prudence that being Queen of Feasts is not all that it seems.

This all shows that young people can care about things other than what’s going on in popular culture etc, and care more about the situations and circumstances that will genuinely affect them and the people they care for.

This show is an example of how teens can behave when given the time and credibility of adults who listen and respect them and their opinions. But there are some cases, but not very often, where their age does become them, and something does go wrong. The upside to this is that we see in these situations on the show how important it is to admit when you are wrong and to ask for help when you need it.

I thoroughly enjoy and support these young characters and think the the actors involved have all done a great job!

Halloween All Year Around

I also really enjoy how the show, much like it’s sister show Riverdale, doesn’t seem to have a particular time-stamp on it. This gives the show the flexibility to be as creative as they would like. With the success of Stranger Things and it’s 80s vibes, they know there’s already an audience for this type of aesthetic. And to go for a similar vibe, but not setting it in stone, is the best way forward for a new TV show like this.

It’s also great that at the beginning of the show the say how it’s pretty much Halloween all year round in Greendale, so the darkness and thrill factor of the show will remain throughout. It also guarantees that the aesthetic will not be tampered with.

Could you imagine this show based during the summertime? Me neither.

A Foot in the Right Direction

There are so many aspects of this first series of Sabrina that is taking TV and Online Series into a modern thinking mindset. Here’s just a few of the things that I’d picked up on:

– They tackle the idea of bullying and being the new kid in school through the ‘harrowing’ storyline and also the beginning of Susie’s storyline too.

– They represent the LGBTQ society wonderfully by including Ambrose who is pansexual, and unapologetically so, and also by following Susie’s journey of finding her own identity too.

– They also touch on polyamorous relationships within the show and we see how open and non-judgmental the characters are to it.

All of these things are what we need to be seeing more of through our creative sources, whether that’s on rebooted teen dramas or within other forms of media.

I really do admire this show for making it more than just a reboot of the original but making it a work that young people can look to for that little bit of inspiration or comfort, whilst also using it as their own little escape.

Hopefully, you guys have enjoyed this review of mine, as I really enjoyed writing it.

I’m happy to be back after a little writing break and I’m looking forward to getting more posts out!

Love you all X

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