BLOGTOBER #28: Winter Preparation

As we’re coming to the end of October, Winter will be here thick and fast.

Here’s a post with a few ideas to get yourselves prepared before it’s too late (some of which you may have started already!).

Get your knitwear out

I feel as though, with the way the weather is going, knitwear will be more of a necessity rather than an option soon. I know when I’ve been wearing my knitwear over the last few weeks, I’ve not really layered them up. My jumpers have been my last, warm layer.

I still feel as though wearing a jumper and a heavy coat is too much for now, but I can assure you that within the month, we’ll be living in all of our wonderful cosy, knitted jumpers.

Stock up on cold and flu medicine

Now this isn’t essential until you actually develop a cold, but from personal experience, it’s better to have some kind of ‘cold killing’ medicine in the house for when you start experience symptoms of one coming on.

This way the cold is caught straight away and can be killed off in less time than usual.

They’re also handy for when someone else in the house is ill so they can get better instead of just passing it on to you!

Buy a little pot of vaseline

I feel as though this one may need a bit more explaining. Basically, vaseline has completely saved my super dry lips, and I mean they were really chapped and really sore for a couple of weeks before I bought it.

At the beginning I was just putting it on when I was going out in to the cold air, but it’s when I was wearing it to bed that it started to become life changing.

If you’re ever in need of something to seriously save your lips, lather regular Vaseline over your lips just before you go to sleep for a few nights in a row and you’ll soon see the difference!

Take advantage of all of the cheap Halloween sweets

For all of you sweet tooths, like myself, I gift you this knowledge of how the treats sold in supermarkets for Halloween will soon become even cheaper than they already were.

Keep and eye out after the festivities have passed and stock up for the wonderful nights in that you’ll be having during this upcoming Winter period.

Start looking for Christmas cards/Wrapping paper

I know it’s scary to think that Christmas is around the corner but we’re going to have to start planning it sooner or later.

If you want the nice stuff then you better start looking soon. Supermarkets already have stock out and I’m sure there are enough people already getting themselves sorted for there not to be enough left for the beginning of December.

It never hurt anyone to be over prepared, even if you don’t want to start thinking about all of that yet!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and it started to get you thinking of everything you’ll need for the coming season.

Let me know in the comments if there are any essentials that you need ever year to survive the cold!

Thank you for reading,

Love you all X

2 Replies to “BLOGTOBER #28: Winter Preparation”

  1. I can’t wait to start wearing more jumpers and start layering up more, definitely my favourite time of year clothing-wise! Also made sure to stock up on my vaseline haha, swear I can’t live without it. Ah I’m guilty of always leaving my Christmas shopping until the last minute so need to get on top of that this year! Loved this post ✨

    Evie x |


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