BLOGTOBER #25: Halloween Baking

A couple of days ago I started to feel super excited for Halloween. To get in the mood, I decided that I’d do some Halloween baking.

The Idea

For this, I wanted to make some scary shaped cookies and cute, colourful cupcakes. I researched how to bake the cupcakes but realised how much work there was to create them, so I decided on just doing them instead (I only had an evening after work to make them!)

The night before baking, I went to my local Tesco to see what kind of decorations they had for Halloween baking. I found loads of different colours of food colouring which made me really happy! I knew I wanted the cupcakes to be all different colours, so when I saw the range of food colouring, I really started to look forward to the actual baking.

During this little baking haul, I found little iced characters to go on top of the cakes. I wasn’t too sure how I was supposed to make the cakes ‘Halloweeny’. I had a few ideas but as soon as I saw the characters I knew exactly how I wanted my cakes to look.

The Recipe

The recipe I followed was by Mary Berry – she is the Queen of baking after all (and here’s the link if any of you guys would like to check it out!)

This recipe was perfect because I knew I wanted little cupcakes with swirly icing on top. So I thought to myself all I’d have to do is follow this recipe and add food colouring to the different batches of cupcake mixture and the icing.

Then it came to the design. I chose the colours white, black, orange, purple and green as the 5 colours I could play with and came up with my design. As you can see in the pictures there were only 4 icing characters I could choose from. I made a little list of which colour cake was going with each coloured icing and character.

Here’s what I came up with:

‘Ghost’: Orange Cake & Black Icing

‘Pumpkin’: Black Cake & White Icing

‘RIP’: Green Cake & Purple Icing

‘Witch’: Purple Cake & Orange Icing

After this, I decided to just bake and hope for the best.

The recipe was SUPER simple to follow as you just add all of the cake mixture in together and mix it until it’s smooth. And it was basically the same thing for the icing too.

The only problem I came across though, was the way the food colouring reacted with the cake mixture. As the food colouring was liquid it was making the batter more liquidy – obviously – but in the first batch of purple cupcake mix, I forgot to even this out with some more flour and they didn’t rise so well.

The rest of the batches bake lovely and the icing was super quick and easy to make too!

I really enjoyed making them and I think they came out alright.

Here’s a few proud pictures I took after they were all finished and baked!

I hope you like them.

This picture shows the natural colours of the cakes.
I used different lighting whilst taking these next 2 pictures.


I was super happy about how they turned out, especially seeing as though it was my first go at baking them and I’m not that good in the kitchen!

Hopefully this post is getting some of you into the Halloween spirit, if you’re not already there!

A new post will be up tomorrow,

Thank you for reading and the constant support!

Love you all X

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