BLOGTOBER #23: 3 Instagram Rules I’ve Learned Since Starting My Blog

I know as bloggers, Instagram is a main tool for us to promote our blog and make more blogger friends. I’ve only been blogging for about 4 months and have already learned things about Instagram that I didn’t know until after I started my blog.

In this post I thought I’d share what I’d learned, during this short period, in the hopes that it will give you guys an insight to another bloggers Instagram experience.


Posting Daily Content

The first thing that I realised, which helped my profile and posts get noticed, is to post content daily. I know this seems like a bit of a task, especially if you work full time or part time as well as blog, but it helps with how many people engage with your posts.

I was getting a high number of likes on my posts when I was posting daily until I didn’t post for one day. After that they dropped back down and I had to then build them back up by posting at least once a day again.

A way that I keep on top of it is to have a backlog of photos in my drafts, with their captions done and the photo edited so all I’ll need to do is select the photo I like and press ‘post’. What I do to get a backlog is just to take an extra couple of photos when I’m shooting so I have spares if I’m ever out of Instagram post ideas.

If you haven’t got much content backed up, it’s always good to post little things on your story too. This tends to be a lot easier as it’s a lot quicker to do this and get people to interact with your story. It’s also a good way to connect people who are watching your story to your actual profile, so make sure your story follows the same kind of theme and content as you would post to your feed.



When I first started using Instagram, hashtags were never used. I never really knew what they were and none of my friends used them, so neither did I.

Since turning my page into by blogging page, the one thing I learnt whilst researching how to improve my Instagram profile, was to use hashtags. I had no idea what I was doing and thought I was using the wrong hashtags and words.

As it turns out, using hashtags gives my posts exposure to a new audience and attracts activity and engagement too. I never thought hashtags would be so useful. To me, they used to just be these annoying random things that people used at the end of their posts.

But now, I know their positive uses and will definitely be using them in all of my posts from now on.


Be Active

I know this one sounds quite obvious, and most of you probably are all the time. But for you guys starting out, this is a real game changer.

Being active doesn’t just mean posting photos and liking others. It’s a good starting point, but there’s so much more to do than just this. Commenting on people’s pictures makes your connection a bit more personal, and if they comment on yours, thank them back.

By doing this, you are gaining more connections and possibly followers. If accounts see that you’re active, they’re more than likely to follow. Also, if you comment and appreciate other people’s accounts they are more than likely to reciprocate this and leave some positivity on your account too.

This love, respect and positivity always works both ways!

I personally feel as thought replying to DMs is an important factor too. If a company messages you asking if you would like to become an influencer for them but you don’t  think the offer is right for you, just respond with a polite “I’m sorry but this offer isn’t for me”, at least then you’re not just ignoring them. Imagine if this was the other way around and the company were ignoring you, it wouldn’t be a nice feeling, so a simple answer would do them just fine.

This leads to positive energy between you and brands and also to future brands who might want to work with you too.


If you start thinking more about these 3 ways to use your Instagram, then I think you will see a slight rise in the activity that is happening on your blog.

I’ve not been using Instagram long for my blog, but if I find out any more tips or tricks I’ll be sure to make an updated post!

If any of you guys have any of your own tips on how to have a good relationship with Instagram, please share it in the comments. I’m sure everyone would appreciate that!

Thank you for reading,

Love you all X

One Reply to “BLOGTOBER #23: 3 Instagram Rules I’ve Learned Since Starting My Blog”

  1. I really love all the tips!! I would also add that actually making friends helps so much! Those friends will go out of their way to comment and make sure you do well, and vise versa. The blogging community is so nice ❤️
    Love this post
    Rach ❤️


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