BLOGTOBER #20: Productive Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Some of you may know that I am Welsh. I was born and raised here and still live in my childhood home with the rest of my family.

Unfortunately, Wales is known for it’s rain. Thankfully though, I’ve lived here my whole life so I feel as though I’m a bit of an expert at suggesting things to do when you’re stuck indoors.

Here are just a few that I thought of:

1. Finish an old book

2. Watch a new film

3. Spend time with your pets

4. Spring clean your house/room

5. Finish bits of work that you have left over

6. Re-decorate

7. Cook a meal you’ve never cooked before

8. Re-organise your wardrobe

9. Write as many blog posts as you can

10. Pick up a new instrument

11. Do some online shopping

12. Take a bath

13. Treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure

14. Binge watch a TV series

15. Start a new book

16. Have a nap (it’s not very productive but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!)

17. Research something new

18. Make a list of everything you’re thankful for

19. Go to the gym

20. Play on your favourite games console

211. Learn some magic tricks

22. Start a bullet journal

23. Dance around to your favourite songs

24. Bake your favourite dessert…

25. … then have a food fight

26. Leave positive energy on some new blogs

27. Try yoga

And if none of these work,

28. Wish the rain away!

I’m hoping this will give you guys some ideas for future rainy days. I know I’ll definitely be coming back to this page if I’m ever bored and stuck inside!

Let me know in the comments section if there’s anything that you love doing, regardless of the rain!

Day #21 of my Blogtober will be up tomorrow, as always.

Thank you again for reading,

Love you all X

6 Replies to “BLOGTOBER #20: Productive Things To Do On A Rainy Day”

  1. Some great ideas here! One of my favourite things to do on a rainy day is get all wrapped up, jump in the car, and head to the coast. It feels so fresh and relaxing to be walking in the rain beside the sea!

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