BLOGTOBER #18: New October TV Releases

With Autumn well and truly underway, we can now start to layer our clothes, light our candles and drink our coffees. With the days getting shorter, this post is dedicated to making your tv choice during your lovely nights in a lot less stressful by showing you what you can expect to find on your screens this October.

I’ve made two separate lists, one for the new shows on Netflix and one for our regular TV channels. I’ve tried to recommend shows that would be good for this time of year and hopefully they’ll give you some scary autumnal feels

So here’s a little list of the shows that I would personally recommend for you to see, if you’re not watching them already!

Netflix UK

Riverdale  Season 3 (New Episodes each Wednesday)

Riverdale has become a phenomenon since it’s first season aired about 2 years ago. A series adaption of the Archie comics, this little town has made a huge mark on the giant of streaming services.

Based around a group of high school kids, Riverdale has a hidden dark side that these kids soon discover.

I would recommend watching both series beforehand to really understand the depth of the plot and its characters because of how complicated and unpredictable they both are.  All three seasons run into each other too so if you start watching from this season, you might be a little confused.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina  Season 1 (Pilot – 26th of October)

A lovely follow on from Riverdale, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is made by the same people. As Sabrina is based in the same universe as Riverdale, a lot of fans are hoping for a crossover between the two shows in the future.

This series is well anticipated and the trailers that have been released are satisfying viewers immensely. By the looks of things, we can expect a Sabrina that’s a lot darker than what we’re normally used to.

I genuinely cannot wait to see how good this adaption is, as I loved the animated series growing up!

MARVEL’s Daredevil  Season 3 (Pilot – 19th of October)

I have yet to catch up on the happenings of The Defenders but I loved hearing that Daredevil was back for a new series.

As some of you may know, I am obsessed with the majority of what Marvel have created over the years. I must be honest and say I never really watched Jessica Jones – the first of 4 MARVEL series’ on Netflix – but when Daredevil came out, I was hooked.

I’d heard of the character before but never really knew the backstory of him so I think this attracted me more to the series.

Again, with it being his third outing on Netflix, I would recommend maybe catching up on the plot from the latest two series before starting the new one!


Doctor Who  Season 11 (BBC 1 – Sundays @ 6:45 PM)

The first female doctor has landed and it feels good. Only 2 episodes in and Jodie Whittaker has really made an impression on me. When I went to uni I didn’t keep up with much TV at all, but now I’m back home I’ve made sure that this season of Doctor Who is on record every week.

I know there’s been major controversy surrounding the fact that the Doctor has had a gender change, but personally, if Whittaker does a good job and brings in an audience, then there’s nothing much that I could complain about.

I’m really excited to catch the rest of this show!

The Walking Dead  Season 9 (Fox – Mondays @ 9PM)

I must say, I was a fan of The Walking Dead for a while when it started but somewhere during the last series I fell out of love with it. It’s not as scary and gripping as it used to be and I feel as though I’m seeing the same kind of plot line repeated over and over again.

But, saying that, I will always check out the new series’ that come to pass because of how invested I am in the characters. I may not be as excited as I used to be hearing the new series is on its way, but I’ll still look out for it all the same.

I know this show has created some diehard fans, and I’m not trying to disrespect this series in any way. I commend it for going on for so long but I feel like zombies – one of the main unique selling points of the show – just haven’t got the scare factor and horror surrounding them like they used too.

A Discovery of Witches  Season 1 (Sky 1 – Fridays @ 9PM)

Now I saw this programme advertised on Twitter and the only reason I checked it out is because I saw that Matthew Goode had a starring role – his previous roles include The Crown and Downtown Abbey. He’s been a firm British favourite of mine for a while and I really like the look and aesthetic surrounding his new project.

I have to say, the show is already a couple of episodes in so you may need to catch up a bit before this Friday. But so far the show has looked great and the plot line is, even though it contains the same kind of mystical creatures as most fantasy programmes (witches, vampires and demons), is a lot more modern and sophisticated than what other programmes tend to be.

I think the modernisation and forward thinking within the show are what’ve kept me hooked for a show I knew nothing about.

It’s well designed and rather beautiful to watch.


Hopefully I’ve inspired some of you to check out these wonderful programmes. Please let me know what you think if you managed to catch any of them during you cosy nights in!

As you know, there will be a new post up again tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,

Love you all X

5 Replies to “BLOGTOBER #18: New October TV Releases”

  1. Great list! I’ve really wanted to watch the new Doctor Who but I’m currently not able to watch it which is sad – I’m sure I’ll catch up at some point! I also watched a lot of Riverdale episodes but I stopped in the end but I always here people rave about it, makes me want to pick it back up again!

    Chloe x


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