BLOGTOBER #15: 15 Ways Your Partner Annoys You

I’m already halfway through Blogtober! Where have the days gone?!

We’re coming up to that time of year where we would all like to have someone to cuddle up to and go on dates with. The Autumn/Winter seasons have been made out to be a period of romance and festivities where you can go on all of these lovely dates with you significant other.

As someone who has been in a relationship for 2 and a half years now, I just wanted to make a post on how, sometimes, having a partner during this time isn’t all it’s made up to be.

I’ve written this post with my boyfirned and we’ve both inlcuded to this post. We wanted it to be a light hearted piece picking up on some of the things that can annoy you about each other.


1. They don’t share the popcorn during movies

2. You have to share your blanket when you’re cuddling up

3. You can’t watch the film you wanted because they’ve either already seen it or they don’t want to watch that film

4. They complain when you ask them to take some cute Instagram photos

5. You have to make them buy the flowers

6. When you do your hair and make up really nice and they don’t even notice

7. You get a dead arm from cuddling them

8. They actually hurt you when you’re play fighting (on accident of course)

9. When you see someone you don’t like but they make it really awkward for you by saying “Hi” then laughing about it afterwards

10. When you ask them not to do something, but actually, you want them to

11. They tend to want to change your plans

12. They roll over to go to sleep instead of cuddling you

13. You don’t hear from them for a week because of a new video game

14. When you tidy your room and realise that half of the mess is theirs

15. When you take their hoodie but they ask for it back


These are just the first 15 things that came to mind. Those of you who have been or are in a relationship will know that there are a lot more!

I have had plenty of autumn/winters on my own and this post is a lighthearted reminder that sometimes, even though everyone is saying how lovely it is with their other half, that sometime it just isn’t what it seems.

Let me know in the comments below of any experiences you’re looking forward to, either on your own or with a partner!

This was just a fun post idea to write during Blogtober. I hope you enjoyed this post. I really wanted to try something a bit different!

Love you all X



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