BLOGTOBER #13: My Favourite Editing Apps

When autumn comes around you just know that it’s going to be harder to take great photos. There’s a lot less natural lighting with the days getting shorter and pictures can ending up looking less vibrant.

There have been a few apps that I’ve recently discovered that have helped give my photos a little pop since summer has ended.

I just wanted to say before I begin that I never have or will use Facetune or anything like it to make my photos appear better to my audience, and would never photoshop my face or body in anyway.

The purpose of this post and these apps are to help with lighting issues and to gain a variety of filters and layouts of photos for your blog.


Colourtone is my go to app for editing at the minute. The filters they have just look so good on any photo.

They have a range of free ones, which more than do the job, and could create any look or effect you wanted.

The filters come on a bit strong when you first apply them but as soon as they’re adjusted, they can be made to look super natural.

I can’t really remember how I came about this app but I’m glad I have, it’s really helped bring my photos to life again seeing as they’re quite dull when taken.


This app is relatively new to me. I’ve seen so many bloggers/influencers use it for their Instagram story layouts that I thought I’d try it out.

Their designs are sleek and clean and make for a great change up on your stories!

They offer loads of different layouts – most of you have to pay for but they’re not that expensive – and they really add another level to your Instagram story compared to everyone else’s.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re up for something new!


I love using Instagram to enhance my photos. This was the original way that I used to edit my photos, and I still use it from time to time now!

They have a decent amount of filters and I feel like everyone has a favourite or go-to at this point.

But it’s the edit feature that really helps me out. I’m not sure how long they’ve been available for, if they were there at the launch of Instagram and I never noticed or if they were brought in after a while. Either way they have definitely helped me hone in on my photo editing skills as it’s super simple to use.

It taught me all of the basics like what each feature does and how they work, especially how they blend with the other features too.

I honestly think the best way to develop your skills, if you want to improve them, is just by editing loads of your own photos, using which ever app/software you like, until you like what you’re coming up with.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, I only ever edit photos to enhance them with light and colour, nothing more.

I know we all have our own flaws that we like to cover up but we also need to learn to love ourselves no matter how long it may takes us because “loving yourself is the greatest revelation”.

I hope you enjoyed another post as I’m enjoying writing the more blogtober goes on.

Thanks again for reading,

Love you all x


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