BLOGTOBER #10: A Cosy Night In

With Autumn coming into it’s own now, I thought I’d give you guys a little insight on how I, personally, would achieve the perfect night in.

There may be a few steps that you would leave out or that you don’t feel like you need to do and that’s fine. But this post is about what I like to do before chilling for the night.

Here are the few steps that I take to ensure the cosy night in:

Step 1:

The absolute first thing that I do after any day is change into my comfy clothes.

Whether this is some joggers and an oversized top, my pyjamas or soon a onesie, I just have to get in to comfier clothing, especially if I’ve been working too.

An essential is also to take my bra off. I’m sorry guys, but it is the most satisfying feeling after a long day at work – don’t @ me about that.

I find that leggings or joggers are aa much more relaxed and comfy item that being in a pair of jeans, plus it means that I don’t have to get up and change if I end up falling asleep.

Step 2:

After that, if I know I’m not doing anything else that night, I’ll take off all makeup to let my skin breathe and then carry on with the rest of my night time skin care routine.

This requires, in it’s simplest form, to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Another aspect of this step will to have my hair loose and probably in a low bun. I can’t get comfortable if my hair is up and tight because if it’s like this for long then I’ll end up getting a headache of some kind.

So to keep my hair loose is a must.

Step 3:

Light the fire.

This step is super optional.

In our house we have a log burner fire in the living room and in the kitchen. This was Mum’s idea not ours.

We’ve lit them a couple of times already but I’d say it’s still a bit too warm for them at the moment. But when the proper Autumn/Winter nights set in, they really are a blessing.

The only trouble is remembering to put more wood on during the film!

Step 4:

Once the fire is roaring you have a quick 5 minutes to make yourself  lovely drink and grab any snacks that you want.

These could be anything from water to a hot chocolate and popcorn to some fruit!

Personally, I like a latte mainly because I don’t like any other warm drinks but it’s also so I hopefully won’t fall asleep during the film too.

Stap 5:

Pick a great film.

This is where me and my boyfriend seem to fall out and take ages to decide.

Neither of us can ever find a film that neither of us have seen and then decide on. We always end up watching some kind of tv programme that we both like and watch a few episodes of that.

Recently the go-to tv choice has been “Black Mirror”, I would really recommend it even though a few of the episodes can be a bit weird. You kind of get used to it after a while mind

Step 6:

Cuddle up with all of the pillows and blankets that you have in your house – even build a little fort if you like – and just enjoy (a duvet to share is the best choice, personally)!

Thank you guys so much for reading my posts and I hope you’re all having a great Autumn so far!

As always for this month, my next post will be up tomorrow,

Love you all X


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