BLOGTOBER #8: Autumn Bujo Ideas and Themes

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blog before but I actually own a Bullet Journal. I’ve been journaling for over a year now and I’m on my 3rd journal already.

So as something a bit different I thought I’d show you guys some themes and ideas to maybe include in your journal to make it a bit more spooky for the coming weeks.

Firstly I’d like to show you my October cover pages. I’m not massively creative with my pages like some of the examples that you’ll see but I do like what I’ve come up with this month.

So for my October spread I decided to go for a Halloween theme instead of a more autumnal one. I use the classic colours of orange and black to be able to obviously focus my pages on the theme.

I’ve tried to make the design halloween-y by using typical halloween imagery like the cat, twigs and pumpkins. I’ve also included the colour brown to add a bit more depth to the pages and to be able to have another colour to decorate with.

As inspiration for the layout and format of my weekly spreads I tend to take to Instagram, see a layout that I like and put my own twist on it, which is what I’ve done this month.

I’ve tried to keep it simple for October because I know I have a lot on with blogtober and work etc so I needed to have a design that I could replicate for the comping weeks without much hassle.

There’s not much else that I thought about when it came to this months spread, just simplicity and an easy connection to Halloween.

But now to move on to my favourite part of this post, to look at 3 other October spreads that were created by very talented people on the ‘gram ( all with their usernames and links included!)

I just wanted to make a couple of notes on each spread to show you guys different ideas when planning a new theme/spread during this autumnal period and how you could use it for your own bujo!


Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 18.24.13This one is one of my favourite spreads I’ve ever seen.


If you’ve been reading my other blogtober posts you’ll have seen that when it comes to the Autumn/Winter period, I love watching the HP movies over and over again. So, to see someone using that as a bujo theme (something that I regretfully have never thought of before) is The. Best. Thing. Ever.

The detailing and icons that have been used from the HP world are so so good and the choice of quote makes that little connection between sarahsbujo and her audience that little bit more personal.

I may be biased in saying this because of my own admiration for this spread, but I really love it!

What I love most about it is that it looks like sarahsbujo has actually thought this design through in the sense that the colours of Slytherin really goes with the autumn colour spectrum as well.

Or maybe she just belongs to house Slytherin and that was the thought process behind it!

Either way sarahsbujo has done a great job and channeling something that you really love is a great inspiration starting point to begin a theme!


Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 18.21.46

This spread is similar to mine in the sense that it follows a Halloween theme. But, unlike mine artyinflux has gone all out with the design and layout of the spread and photo.

I love the focus on spiders because it means that you can keep it very greyscale and the pop of colour from the leaves just adds the right amount of colour to balance it all out.

My favourite part is the fact that the letters of the second “October” title that we see are all hanging from a web and I just really enjoyed that!

I think artyinflux has done a great job in making it all look very spooky and I appreciate the effort that they’ve gone into to create the pages even more so by adding a very creative background for the picture!


Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 18.24.30When in doubt, use stickers.

I love using stickers in my bujo. They look so smart and nice and just add a little something to each page, especially when you’re not too sure what’s going on.

So with this page, either the calendar layout was either there when it was bought or that it has been stuck one too and I’m not too sure which it is.

But either way, smorehappiness has absolutely smashed it and made it their own by adding a whole range of stickers to compliment the page and the time of year that it is.

I’ve always had to work with a blank page and I really have no idea what it would be like to work with something so perfect would be hard for me I think, so I really commend smoreshappiness buy making something so appealing to the eye!

I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and appreciating art that others have created. Hopefully you guys can check these people out and give them some loving!

Thank you again for supporting me through my first blogtober experience,

Love you all x

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