BLOGTOBER #6: Pinterest Ideas for Autumnal Decor

As I don’t really decorate my house for Halloween I thought I’d turn to my trusty friend Pinterest to help me out.

Now although I don’t use Pinterest much at all for my blog, I do use it for some great inspo.

I’ve gone through a lot of posts and found so many amazing ideas for this Autumn which are actually making me reconsider decorating the house just a little.

There are a few common themes that I’ve noticed whilst looking for ideas, which is what this post is going to be about. It’s my take on how to make just a couple of changes to your home to make it a more autumnal.

The first aspect was that all of the colours used were natural and muted. There was no bright, unexpected pops of colour in any of the posts that I saw. It was all whites, creams, browns and oranges brought together with a little black.

I think steering away from any kind of bright shade is one of the simplest steps for this time of year. All you want to do is to include any kind of colour that will create a warm and cosy feel to the room that you’re decorating.

Candles seem to be one of the biggest and most common themes throughout everything that I’ve seen. I’m pretty sure that at least one candle made an appearance in every post, and if it wasn’t a candle, it was definitely some kind of fairy light.

So my next tip for a Pinterest worthy home would be to add a sort of dainty/simple lighting to make the room  feel, once again, cosy. What these sorts of additions do to a room is make it so nice that you almost never want to leave.

As the cold weather is setting in you’ll be staying indoors more anyway, so why not make it a place of luxurious comfort?

Pumpkins are one of the most iconic Autumnal staples to have in your home. Whether it’s just for a couple of days around Halloween or if you want to completely change them into a table centrepiece, there will be at least one in your home within the next couple of weeks.

They scream autumn and you can decorate them to suit so many different house layouts and styles. You can paint them, buy fake ones so they last longer or just have them lit with a great cut out to show off!

They’re super versatile and I just love how they add to an indoor look.

I hope this post will inspire some Autumn house decor ideas for you guys!

This is the first time I’ve posted something like this and I’ve really enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments below if you liked it and any tips to improve!

Thank you for the continued support this Blogtober,

Love you all x

P.s. I wasn’t 100% sure how to link Pinterest posts on my blog so I’ve just inserted the url of each post as a caption incase you’d like to check them out!

3 Replies to “BLOGTOBER #6: Pinterest Ideas for Autumnal Decor”

  1. I totally agree with all of your suggestions! I think the best part of autumn decorations is you can get away with leaving aspects of them up all year long like the fairy lights.

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