BLOGTOBER #5: Staying Organised During Blogtober

As a blogger who isn’t very organised anyway, I’m not too sure how successful Blogtober will be for me, let alone this post.

But I’m going to try and give the best advice that I possibly can on the situation.

First and foremost, I think knowing what you’re posting about each day and having every topic planned is the best way to start. Don’t surprise yourself or get stressed because you’re not sure what to write the night before you need to publish it.

Make a list of what topic you’re writing about for each day of the month, then you always know what’s coming up and if you need to plan anything for it i.e pictures, a guest post etc.

Another idea would be to learn how to schedule your posts. Doing this effectively will also give you a hand in staying on top of your blogtober game.

I know with WordPress they give you the option of publishing immediately or scheduling and for blogtober I’m definitely going to be scheduling all of my posts!

Also, scheduling your tweets and Instagram posts to advertise each post would be a great thing to do to. I would recommend the app “Hootsuite” to those of you that haven’t schedlued tweets/insta posts before. It’s simple, easy to use and let’s you have multiple accounts registered for each of the different platforms that you use – a real life saver for sure!

This will take a lot of stress off your shoulders and panicking about missing your time slot for posting. Instead you can sit back and start planning your tweets for the day instead!

The key aspect of this month is to just

Enjoy it!

If you’re not enjoying posting every day then maybe try posting every other day or 3 times a week? The last thing you want to happen is for you to fall out of love with your blog when all we ever want is to support and celebrate it.

I realise blogtober is all about trying to post every day but if that’s going to negatively effect you and your blog then there’s no harm in changing it up slightly!

If you cut down how many posts you write then it’s always a good way to prepare for next year, take the experience of this year and apply a different method to be able to do a bit more next year and the year after until you feel comfortable to complete the month!

Normally, if I’m not feeling great about the post that I’m writing or not feeling great in general, I take a couple of days off to be able to get the spark back.

But with blogtober, I’ve managed to plan most of my posts before hand to be able to get them all out on time.

I really hope that some of these tips have helped one or two of you out! As I said at the beginning, I’m not really an organised person but these are just the few things that I do to make sure that I stay on top of my blog.

Love you all X

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