BLOGTOBER #4: Autumn Essentials

As Autumn is well and truly underway, I’d like to share with you guys the essentials that I  use throughout this season. I know Autumn isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I’d like this post to be a bit more generic (I hope you don’t mind!)

A good moisturiser and lip balm

I can’t stand dry and cracked skin during this colder weather so this is my first step to conquer this weather.

When the air gets colder it takes more out of your skin when you’re out, so to have a good moisturiser to apply in the morning and night is the one way I know that the damage to my skin isn’t as bad as it could be.

I’ve been using the same moisturiser for forever, mainly because it treats my skin so well and that’s the Simple Daily Moisturiser. It’s not expensive at all and I would recommend to everyone. Obviously we all know what does and doesn’t work with our skin so if it’s not for you then don’t worry.

As for a lip balm, any vaseline product is just perfect. It’s an item that I make sure I have on me at all times seeing as my lips are relatively dry anyway, so they only get worse during the Autumn/Winter season. I personally prefer something with a nice taste and flavour so I enjoy and remember putting it on rather than a plain flavoured lip balm, but any kind would do the trick for the chilly months ahead!

A smell you won’t get sick of

By this I mean a smell or scent of a candle. We all love to feel nice and cosy in the Autumn and the run up to winter, and one of my favourtie ways to do ths is by lighting a few candles around the house.

If you’re going to be doing this, I’m sure you’ll need to replace at least one of your candles and will therefore need to find a scent that you really, genuinely, like.

If you end up not liking the smell then you’re not going to light the candle often. Having a smell that you enjoy also helps you relax and calm your mind without you really knowing!

A scarf

To me, having a go-to scarf is essential.

I don’t tend to buy many, but the ones I do buy I make sure can go with plenty of outfits. I find it really annoying when you find the cosiest scarf but can match it to only a few items.

So be careful of what scarf your purchasing if you only really want to be buying one or two!

Fluffy Blankets

If you want to stay super cosy then investing in a big fluffy blanket is the most essential essential.

As a tip to buying fluffy blankets I’d say the bigger the better. I bought a small one once and I could literally only wrap it around my legs instead of wrapping my whole body in it.

Another amazing tip for blankets is to out them underneath you when you sleep so it feels like your sleeping on lovely soft clouds – especially if you’ve been out late on a frosty night

Hopefully these little essentials have helped you in some way and that you’ve enjoyed the 3rd piece from my #Blogtober attempt and thank you for reading!

Love you all x

7 Replies to “BLOGTOBER #4: Autumn Essentials”

  1. Lip balm and a good moisturizer is always a must during the fall! I always make sure to keep my favorites with me at all time! I have a set at the office, in my purse, and next to my bed.

    And a good candle is essential! Sweater weather from Bath and Body Works is my favorite.

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