BLOGTOBER #2: Post Ideas

As I revealed in my last post, I’m taking part in Blogtober 2018.

I’ve seen that so many of you wonderful bloggers are also taking part and as a way to help out I thought I’d write some of my own ideas that you could use for the rest of the month and beyond.

If you ever get stuck with writers block, just head on over to this post and check out these 31 ideas.

During the month, you could write about:

1. Your favourite Autumn candle smells and scents

2. Halloween Baking

3. The Best Autumn make up trends

4. 10 best horror movies to watch before Halloween

5. An Outfit of the Day

6. The Worst / Best things about Autumn

7. Do’s and Don’ts of a Halloween Costume

8. Your Favourite ____ of the month (food/drink/outfits/makeup)

9. Your Autumn/Winter night time routine

10. The best halloween sweets

11. A Product Review

12. Have a Guest Post

13. A photo journal

14. Pumpkin Carving

15. Autumn/Halloween House decor

16. A look back on summer

17. Plans/Goals for the remainder of the year

18. Share your fave blog links

19. A “fun facts about me” post

20. How my skincare routine changes for Winter

21. A Book Review

22. How to stay on top of your blog (during Blogtober maybe?)

23. An important life lesson you’ve learnt

24.  Autumn Bucket List

25. How to stay safe during Halloween

26. Opinion piece (thoughts on pumpkin spiced lattes?)

27. A quote of the day

28. Autumn Outfit Inspiration

29. Reveal your fears

30. Write an open letter

31. Ask others for ideas

I hope this has helped some of you on your way.  Feel free to use any and all of these ideas whenever it is that you need them!

Love you all X


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