Autumn Favourites: What I’m Looking Forward To

Hey Guys!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely couple of weeks since my last post! I’ve been getting really excited about the Autumn season beginning since August has come to an end!

I’ve been planning this post for a little while and thought now would be the most appropriate time for it. So I’m just going to be sharing a few of the things that are getting me excited for the coming months and hopefully it will  get you guys excited too!

Wearing Cosy Clothes

I’ve recently bought a baby pink North Face fleece from ASOS and I’m absolutely in love. I love wearing my sweatshirts anyway, but being able to wrap up warm and layering everything up again seems to be such an exciting thing to do. I think being cosy is pretty much the best part of Autumn and its weather!

The only thing is, because we’re still transitioning into Autumn, the weather is still quite warm so the Autumn/Winter wardrobe can’t fully come out yet, so I can’t wait for the colder weather to come in in the next few weeks.

Sitting around the Fire

In the centre of our living room we have a wonderful log burner fire. It’s been a while since it’s been lit but I’m pretty sure one of us in the family will start lighting it soon.

When the fire’s on, we all somehow unconsciously gather around the heat together, which proves for some unexpected, lovely family time.

It’s a bonus when someone remembers to buy marshmallows to toast (that’s actually the best part).

Mum’s Cooking

Now my Mum cooks amazing meals throughout the year, but what happens in Autumn/Winter time is my favourite.

In the summer, Mum tends to make lighter meals like fajitas, fish and salads but when the weather gets colder her cooking becomes warmer and more homely.

Mum isn’t the only cook in the house, my brother and dad cook as well, but what Mum comes up with is just on another level. This is the time that she’ll start to cook stews and homemade pies and just the best comfort and warming food EVER.

She really is the best.

Starting the count down to Christmas

I know what you’re all thinking, it’s WAY to early to be even thinking about Christmas. But Christmas is my favourite time of year, so as soon as summer is over I start to low key count down the days until it arrives.

I absolutely love the build up to it all and have already started planning Christmas presents and even events to go to as soon as they all arrive.

The reason I like to keep track of how far away Christmas is is mainly to keep myself on track with everything I need to do to prepare for it. The worst experience for me is when you get yourself caught up in the Christmas rush a week or so before the 25th. If anything, I like to be completely finished by then instead.

Don’t worry though, I won’t start playing Christmas music until at least  the end of November.

After talking about all of that I just want Autumn here now because I’m too excited to wait any longer.

But for now, I’m going to love you and leave you! I hope you all have a fabulous couple of weeks transitioning into Autumn!

Lots of Love,

Niamh R Blogs X


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