The 5 Types of Apps to help you Blog

Hey Guys,

Welcome to my new post and thank you for taking the time to read it. This post is all about me trying to help you guys out and show you the different apps I use for blogging.

I’m writing about this because when I started out I had no clue what I was doing and thought it would be a good post for those of you who are in the same position as I was.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 types of apps I use to help me blog – and the best part? All of the apps I mention are totally FREE!


1. A Writing App – in my case, WordPress


I’ve started with this one because I know not all of you reading this will be using the same blogging platform as myself.

Having the WordPress app – or a writing app – on my phone really helps me when I have to blog on the go. I tend to travel and commute around on trains a lot and I’d say about 50% of all of my blog post are written on those train journeys. The app is simple and follows the same design as the website and so it’s very easy to use.

It helps keep me on track with my writing and also keeps me up to date with all of my blogging stats and notifications. Having this app means I can stay active even when I’m out and about so I can reply to comments and make little comments of my own too!

In addition to this, I would recommend setting up a page in your phones Notes app incase any blog post ideas come to mind so you’re able to jot them down easy and keep them for later. It’s not so fun when you get home and forget the ideas!


2. A Scheduling App


As someone who blogs on the side to working, this app is a god send to me – especially seeing as were not allowed to use our phones in my place of work.

The app I use is called Hootsuite and it’s super easy to use! You just connect your profiles and away you go.

Originally the app was hyped up for being a tweet scheduler but now, in one of it’s recent updates, can now schedule your Instagram posts as well.

When this update came out it really blew me away. I can end up working late sometimes and miss my posting schedule – which I don’t like doing – but now this app helps me get all of my content out on both of my favourite platforms (Twitter and Insta) without me having to worry about it failing on me.


3. An Editing App

The two most popular photo editing apps that bloggers tend to use are  LightRoom and VSCO.

I use each app for a different purpose.

LightRoom is the app I turn to for enhancing photos, so to change brightness, contrast and shadows for example. Where as, VSCO is more of an app I turn too for filtering. There’s a whole range of filters to be found on there and they’ve got some really cool ones too.

Both are relatively easy to use too. LightRoom is a bit more technical in the sense that there are more options surrounding how you want to edit the photo but VSCO is like Instagram but with a load more filters.

But there is another editing app I use for my blog. It’s one where I edit photos by overlaying texts etc instead of acutally editing the photo itself.


This one is called Canva.

Canva is a great at helping to run an online brand. They give you a number of templates for things like Instagram story covers, Twitter headers and a Pinterest post so you can work on creating better content and branding whilst knowing that the template you’re working on is going to fit without any awkward cropping.

It’s super easy to use and has really helped me with developing my blogs brand.

I seriously recommend it!

4. A Follow/Unfollow App

Now, I don’t want you thinking I use these kind of apps a lot, becasue I don’t, but personally I find them really useful to keep track of your followers. I don’t use these kind of apps often but it’s a pet peeve of mine when you mutually follow somebody and then you find out 2 weeks later that they’ve unfollowed you.

Most of these apps give you the opportunity to add more than one profile too so you can keep track of all the accounts that you have.

There isn’t a certain app that I would recommend because I don’t take much notice of how  well they work because of how little I actually use it. But, it’s just a way of keeping track of those who are genuine supporters of you and your work, and those who aren’t.


5. A Social App


THE best social app for bloggers is Twitter, hands down. I hope most of you reading this have already got an account on there for your blog because once I set up my own (instead of posting links through my personal one) my blogging life completely changed.

I’ve made friends and linked with people that I never would’ve if I carried on through my personal account. You truly see how lovely and supportive the blogging community is and find the most amazing blogs and content.

Luckily, for me, I’ve not had any trouble with any negative accounts on the platform yet. I have seen, however, that some people can be rather mean and competitive on Twitter, but you’re going to get people like that in whatever field you try and succeed in.

My advice for whoever is reading would be to always have an open and positive mind when it comes to blogging and starting out. Everyone’s journey is going to be different and please try not to compare yourself to other accounts! It will only get you down.

Instead, put all of your energy and love into your own blog and watch it grow into the wonderful account that you want it to be!

I hope this post has helped some of you out. I’ve just tried to give the apps and advice that helped me out a tonne whenever I started blogging, and hopefully they’ll work for you guys too.

Thanks for reading,

Niamh R Blogs X


Disclaimer: All images are not my own.

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