Oscar for Original Song 2018: Nominations and Predictions

We’re deep into the award season and the most prized nominations have been announced and the celebs are all ready to go for the celebrations this coming weekend.

The 2018 Oscar noms are in and in this post I’ll be looking over the nomiations for “Original Song” and predict my personal winner for this year.

“Mighty River,” “Mudbound”

After also being nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “Mudbound”, Mary J. Blige is now a double-oscar nominee.

Now, for those who have previously listened to Mary J. Blige, I hope you would agree that  she is a well established icon in the industry and that her songs and career are impecable.

She’s well known for her incredible voice, but, for me, it’s the way that her transformation in this Netflix original, that accompanied this very bare song, that made this a very real experience for me.

And as a small inclusion, Mudbound is one of the very few films that has turned me to tears. It’s definitely a must-see.

“Mystery of Love,” “Call Me by Your Name”

Mystery of Love had me hooked from hearing the first line. Sufjans’ voice is beautifully light and compliments the scenes that are being shown to you too in the film.

This soft and airy song makes you feel like you’re lounging about in the sun-sweltering Italy yourself and it invites you into the atmosphere created by the movie and keeps you there until you’re made to leave. (A massive contender for “Best Picture”, in my opinion.)

“Mystery of Love” is brilliantly effortless, like the film itslef, and makes you want to fall in love, with life or a certain someone, but just definitely love.

“Remember Me,” “Coco”

The mariacci feels to this song just wants to make you get up and dance about with Coco. It’s a song that will easily get stuck in your head and I always say that those songs are some of the best to listen too.

It’s a feel good song that will get stuck in your head for days and lift your spirits if you ever have a down day.

This song is one that, even as adults, we will enjoy!

Although, this song has two versions and I thought I’d share the both with you as they’re completely different but just as good as each other .

“Stand Up For Something,” “Marshall”

When you listen to this song, it is very much a mascot of “Marshall”. The main aspect of the song is that you must “stand up for the values of life that you believe in otherwise what is it all for” and that resonates throughout it’s accompanying film.

My favourite aspect of this song is the fact that even though “Marshall” is based in the 1940s, the song and it’s values are even more relevant in our present political and social climates. With the debates and campaigns that are happening now, it  adds a little more of a personal touch to the song for all those fighting.

Although “Marshall hasn’t made a mark on this years Oscars, I’m very glad that this song got the nod it deserved, because of it’s message and just because of how bloody good it is.

“This is Me,” “Greatest Showman”

A spine-tingling epic show tune from one of my favourite films that I’ve seen this year. “This is Me” seems to resonates with everyone watching and takes the emotional side of it, and the film, to a whole other level.

Keala Settle, the soloist in the song, absolutely stunned me with how incredible her voice is and how it was like she was meant to sing this song.

This song raises the hairs on the back of my neck every time I hear it. The way that it’s been composed is almost perfect and is one of the real contenders within the category.

After reviewing all of the songs, I can say that this years nominations are some of the best I have come across in recent years. The category is so strong.

But, I have to predict my winner. So, personally, I would give the oscar to “This is Me”, “The Greatest Showman”, because it is, simply, an anthem.

It gives us hope and positivity that whoever you are, you are good enough for this world, no matter how “different” you may be and it is because of that message that it is my winner.

Good Luck to all the nominations and if you disagree, please let me know in the comments!

(image: 12oscars.jpg )

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