The Wombats: 10 Years On

One of my all time favourite albums turns 10 this year (!!!), and I still can’t quite believe it, so today I’ve decided to reminisce.

The Wombats’ debut album ‘A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation’  was released in 2007.

Although I didn’t discover the band until I was 15, 5 years after the initial release, this album helped me a lot through my latter teen years and it quickly became one of my most listened to.

I’m not sure why it had such an impact on me, maybe it was the fact it was completely different to the music I was listening to at the time. There was something about it that made me constantly listen to it.

The super catchy tracks – Kill the Director, Let’s dance to Joy Division, Moving to New York being my favourites – remind me of a time when I used to (and still do) dance around in my room, singing my heart out and not really caring about who was listening.

The escape these songs gave me was important at that stage in my life too. I would question and doubt things about myself, my body, my grades at school and get myself down for no reason (like every teenage girl would), and knowing I had a kind of happy place where I could go and take a step back just made things easier.
The lyrics in the songs were the most relatable I had ever heard. They were fun, different and totally real, and still put a smile on my face when I go and listen to them now. I think that for the first time, I understood the songs I was listening too.

The fact the album consists of songs about love, loss and desperation related to what I was going through. I was still growing up, still learning about how different emotions made me feel and this album gave me everything I needed in that period. The stories and concepts put my experiences into context and also gave me different perspectives on puberty, romances (etc.) and how it would affect me. Adolescence was difficult and this album was my kind of safe haven.

Whenever I go and listen to the album now, it’s almost like an old friend that I haven’t seen in years and as soon as ‘Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials’ starts playing I just know how good the next hour or so is going to be.

Song of the day: Kill the Director – The Wombats

Why? It was the Wombats’ first full single. Plus, it was the first track I learnt all the words to.

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  1. I don’t feel like most people I talk to know about the Wombats, so that’s awesome that you’re a fan as well! I didn’t start listening to them until a few years ago, but I love all of their albums. I actually got to see them live this year which was a lot of fun!

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