My Blog: Music

Why did I choose music for my blog?

Music is probably the one topic I feel most comfortable writing about. I have been a musician all my life and when it comes to it I just understand it and  know what’s going on.

With Mum being Irish and Dad being Welsh,  and both coming from a traditional musical background,  I have been fortunate enough to grow up to appreciate a whole range of different music genres from traditional music to the absolute classics.

Everyone in the house plays at least one instrument and I’m pretty confident in saying that there’s probably one kind of instrument in every room in our house.

That being said we’re all into different music genres, my favourite being a more indie rock/pop kind of thing. But that’s not to say I only like and listen to that genre, it’s just the one I listen to the most, my go-to genre as such.

The idea for my blog is to just chat about music, the gigs I’ve been to over the last and next couple of months, opinion pieces on albums/singles, any anticipation that’s been building around a band/album, festivals, and any newsworthy stories that have come about that fancy talking about.

Hopefully I’ll publish one or two more posts in the next couple days just to get the blog up and running.

See you soon.

Song of the day: Young chasers – Circa Waves

Why? Well because it’s the inspiration behind my blog name of course. Plus it’s one of my favourite tracks on Circa Waves’ debut album, Young Chasers (2015)

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